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    Donghan Industrial Area, Mengzhou City, Henan Province

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      Jiaozuo Yinxing Brakes Co., Ltd. is located in Mengzhou City, which is in the Golden Triangle District among Zhengzhou City, Luoyang City and Jiaozuo City. There are TAIHANG Mountains in the north, YELLOW RIVER in south, XIAOLANGDI Dam Project in the west and World-famous TAI CHI hometown in the east. Mengzhou City is the birthplace of the great litterateur HAN YU in Tang Dynasty. The transportation here is convenient, the people here are honest, warm-hearted and the environment here is hospitable.

      In 2013, our company invested more than RMB 40 million to build a new factory in the east part of Hanyu Avenue, the building area is 14,805 square meters in the floor space of 40 mu. The annual output of all kinds of motors, thrusters, brakes, etc. is 15 thousand units, with annual sales revenue of RMB 15.36 million. At the same time, our company invests around RMB 1 million in R&D to develop more than 3 new products every year.

      With a high-speed development for more than ten years, the products structure of our company got optimized and also our economic capability expands continually. Meanwhile, the company specially invites some famous experts on brake technology as lifelong consultant to upgrade the manufacture technology and R&D.

      Our company successively obtains plenty of honors, such as: Henan Province Famous Trademark, Jiaozuo City Advanced Small and Medium High-tech Company, Henan Province Backup High Tech Enterprise, The Member of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, No.5 in the Comprehensive Ranking of Brakes Industry, etc.

      With the experience in business and manufacture more than 10 years, our company combines the international advanced brake technology and became the professional manufacturer including researching, developing, producing, sales and services in all series of electro-hydraulic, electromagnet brakes and electro-hydraulic thrusters, etc.

      Our main products conclude the most advanced Ed series electro-hydraulic thrusters and related all sets of aluminum alloy products, BEd series electro-hydraulic thrusters, YT3 and YT1 series thrusters, YWZ series brakes, electromagnet brakes, pneumatic type, drum type, hydraulic disc type brakes, hydraulic anti-wind device, centrifugal and horizontal type brakes, etc, totally more than 360 types.

      Meanwhile, our company has achieved many kinds of certifications, such as: explosion-proof certificate for thrusters and motors, coal mine product safety mark certificate, mining products safety mark permit, national industrial production permit, special equipment type test certificate, etc.

      Our products are widely used in slowing down and braking for all kinds of mechanisms in mining, metallurgy, port, lifting, transportation, electric power, chemical industries and building, with the advantages of braking smoothly, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance, low power consumption, long operating life, noiseless, high frequency, etc.

      Our products are salable in more than 20 provinces, cities, municipalities and ranked No.5 in national brakes industry. We have supported equipments to many large-scale enterprises, such as: Puyang Oil Field, Daqing Oil Field, Shandong Mining Machine Group Co., Ltd,  Huainan Mining Bureau, Shanxi Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd, Xinjiang Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd., Shaoshan HengXin Electric Company, Jiaxing Jiaye Metallurgical Machinery Company, Huainan Shunli Machinery Company and so on.

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